12 red preserved roses
12 red preserved roses in a box

A Memorable Gift That Never Withers

Give a gift that doesn't lose it's significance and still remains it's original beauty over time as it ages.

Price Match Guarantee

If you find a lower price online or in-store of the same product, take a picture and send it to us - we will gladly match that price!

100% Naturally Preserved Roses

No harmful chemicals or toxic additives. 100% naturally preserved with organic volcanic soil.

Best of The Best Roses In the World

Sourced from our very own farm in Ecuador near the Cayambe Volcano. We only use organic volcanic soil and grow within regions of very high altitute which allows for bigger and fresher blooms.

Worldwide Delivery

Our luxury preserved rose boxes are safely packed to be shippd worldwide with very reasonable expedited international shipping rates.

Concierge Service

Looking to spice up your loved one? Maybe take your gifting to the next level? We offer a premium conceirge service within the GTA!

Red Large Preserved Rose Box

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Red roses have been the standard traditional symbol for love and romance. There’s no better way to show that special person how you feel. You can make a bold statement that says ‘you are the one’ with our lovely bed of preserved red roses.

Our large preserved rose box is the ultimate gift of luxury, featuring a crystal clear casing with 12 of our finest preserved roses. Roses by the dozen can be the perfect canvas for custom arrangement as well. With so many possibilities, you can design it just the way you want to!


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Avoid direct sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the preserved roses to dry up and shorten their life span.

Do NOT water the roses

Please note watering the roses will cause immediate damage. Preserved roses retain their colour, texture and freshness for over 2 years without maintenance.

Do NOT remove roses from the box

Our intricate florists securely place each rose to ensure they are fit with enough room to breath and secure it’s long life span.

Store and display at room temperature

The recommended temperature for our preserved roses is 18-22 °C or 64 – 72 °F. to ensure it’s full life-span of over 2 years.