A gift that keeps
on giving.

Roses for You believes in providing a perfect gift that keeps on living and giving. Wondering how this is all possible? Checkout our 5-step process!

How it all started…

Our story starts from a small flower shop in the Annex, the heart of Toronto.

Before closing our doors in 2014 after 9 memorable years, our small family-owned flower boutique specialized in unique floral bouquets and wedding arrangements.

We began to notice a routine with one of our weekly visitors. Every Monday without fail, she would purchase 8 bunch roses, but never as a bouquet – simply wrapped up in a newspaper.

As we got to know her, we soon found out that the roses were for her 8-year-old daughter, Katie, who was in long-term care due to a car accident involving a drunk driver. It was a difficult time for the whole family. However, the fresh roses she brought for Katie every week served as a source of joy. It became a weekly family tradition; a keen source of pleasure to the start of their week.

An elegant spray of roses always makes a statement. But once past their prime, they begin to lose their sense of magic. Since hearing of Katie’s story, we started researching how we could extend the life of our roses.

A small curiosity snowballed into a yearlong research. We finally came across a reputable farm in Ecuador that seemed too good to be true. Real, natural roses that could lasts a year or longer without any depreciation in quality. Crazy, right? And that’s how we came to be. We partnered with the farm and created Roses for You to provide luxurious preserved rose arrangements.

Today, Roses for You is a locally owned and operated premium preserved rose boutique in the GTA. Combining years of floral expertise and the most beautiful preserved roses from Ecuador, Roses for You offers the latest designs in luxurious boxed roses.

In honour of Katie and her recovery, we donate $1 from every purchase to MADD.ca (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). We look forward to bringing you and your loved ones a smile that is truly deserved!

Exclusive Designs & Luxurious Arrangement

Each of our boxed arrangements are carefully designed and hand created by our talented florists. We ensure to hand pick only the largest and freshest roses to create a memorable arrangement. Every occasion is a special occasion for Roses for You!